cpLinks - a free directory script that creates static HTML pages from PHP and MySQL scripts SEO Friendly Directory

cpLinks - a free commercial grade links directory script

cpLinks is a free commercial grade script that allows you to create a powerful directory of links for your website. cpLinks creates static pages which are highly search engine friendly, load fast and can deliver huge numbers of links and page impressions with low server loads. There is also a simple to use and intuitive admin control panel to administer this powerful program.

You will find that cpLinks is fully featured "out of the box" as you see when you download it from here. cpLinks is a completely free program with no hidden catches, and is covered by our licence agreement.

Note: cpLinks is not open source and cannot be sold or re-sold without the written permission of CMG Technologies. Also note that modified program source codes may not be publicised, distributed or sold or re-sold in any way or by any means.

If you find that cpLinks needs to be customised to suit your exact needs then please contact us so that we can tailor the basic program to your exact requirements. You may also want to checkout Vacation Rentals Directory and create a directory like that using CPLinks or CPDynaLinks.

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If you need help installing cpLinks or cpDynaLinks, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help. We can also do custom design work on your directories, based on schedule of the web design team. Salesforce is a world leader in CRM Software as a Service. Trial it today and see how you can enhance your business.

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5th Dec 2008: We have been working on a new update to include some new features, but our lead developer has been busy with his new pomeranian puppy "Chuchip".
15th Aug 2006: Category Dumps available for cpLinks & cpDynaLinks. For details, please Contact Us and request free category dumps that you can use to jumpstart your directory.
12th Dec 2005: A Dynamic Sitemap addon is available for CPLinks, which is very useful for Search Engine Indexing for your directory. This plugin is $10 and installation is free. For details, please Contact Us. .
28th Oct 2004: We are pleased to announce a maintenance release for cpLinks. For details, please click here .
25th Oct 2004: We are pleased to announce a maintenance release for cpDynaLinks. For details, please click here .
11th Oct 2004: We are pleased to announce the launch of cpDynaLinks a dynamic version of our highly successful cpLinks directory script. cpDynaLinks has the same features as cpLinks but creates search engine friendly dynamic pages using Apache mod_rewrite techniques, rather than the static pages created by cpLinks.

cpLinks Showcase

The cpLinks showcase has now moved to here: click here